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About Wildrose Studio



Our heart is that you would love your home. That it would be your favorite place to be. That it would be both beautiful and functional so that you can get to the good stuff - loving the people who live there. Wildrose Studio makes it easy for you to have beautiful windows without the fuss or expense of hiring a designer. There is no comparison between draperies from a bag and perfectly pleated draperies made to fit your home just right. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to bring luxury home.

Wildrose Studio was started by Amanda Kessler out of her San Antonio, Texas design studio, The Keeping Room Interiors. Amanda is passionate about making beautiful things of lasting value. Two decades ago, she started out sewing custom drapery for designers & baby boutiques in Austin. In 2014, she transitioned to a brick and mortar store offering high-end fabrics, a drapery workroom, and design help for her own clients at The Keeping Room Interiors. Her latest venture, Wildrose Studio, offers her understanding of construction and design to provide beautiful custom drapery to any home anywhere.

Amanda lives in San Antonio with her husband, three kids and Luna & Mav, the shop dogs. Her joys are Jesus, music, home, traveling, doggies, and dreaming of the next thing....

Our Values


Your home should be your favorite place to be! The purpose of great drapery is simply to complete a beautiful, well-functioning home. It's the perfect backdrop for all the joys of life lived there.


Wildrose Studio makes beautiful luxury drapery available to everyone. To do this, we offer you access to the finest fabrics and partner exclusively with US based workrooms to create the most beautiful, highest quality drapery available.


We want to make the custom process as easy as possible, so we've created simple instructions, diagrams and videos to help you along the way. Our aim is to make it simple for you to achieve the look you've always wanted.


Beautiful custom drapery is the mark of a well-designed home. Wildrose Studio brings luxury within reach by offering the finest fabrics and highest quality workmanship.